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Products & Industries

Agro Chemicals

Obegi Chemicals distributes high performance products in a variety of applications to the Agrochemical industry. Together with our suppliers we provide in-depth formulation knowledge making the handling easier, improving the effectiveness of formulation and reducing the amount of active ingredients thus providing economic and environmental benefits.
We provide a broad product portfolio that includes inert solvents, surfactants, formulated blends and dispersants.

Agro Chemicals

Product FunctionApplication
Formulated Blends
Solvents & amp; Co-solvents


Obegi is a leading distributor of chemicals (pigments, binders, biocides, leveling agents, thickening agents, defoamers, whitening agents, surfactants, dispersants, epoxy curing agents, resins, diluents & modifiers) for the architectural, industrial, decorative, wood, marine, automotive & metal coatings industries.

We provide chemicals that have 2 main characteristics; decoration & protection, which are used primarily to decorate & protect new construction as well as to maintain existing structures, including residential homes & apartments, public buildings, plants & factories.

Most of the remaining products are used for other applications such as traffic paints, vehicle refinishing, high-performance coatings for industrial plants & equipment & protection of marine structures & vessels.


Product Function Application
Additives Paints
Antiskinning Agents Paints
Binders Paints
Biocide Paints
Chelating Agents Chelating Agents
Defoamers Paints, Epoxy Coating
Dispersing Agent Paints
Driers Paints
Epoxy Additives Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Curing Agents Epoxy Coating
Epoxy Resin Epoxy Coating
Filler Paints
Foam Control Agents Paints, Epoxy Coating
Grinding beads Paints
Neutralizer Paints
Pigments Universal Pigment Pastes
PU Curing Agents PU Paints
Rheology Modifier / Thickener Paints, Construction
Solvents Paint Thinners, Diluents
Surfactant Paints


Obegi is committed to providing the best construction chemical raw materials that address environmental & energy efficient requirements. We distribute chemicals that are added in order to enhance performance & functionality, improve workability & protect the construction materials.

We provide chemicals that use energy-saving materials & technologies like solvent free curing agents. Chemicals & technologies that provide high durability like protective coatings & repair products. Environmentally friendly products like waterborne coatings & formaldehyde-free biocides

Our supply package includes additives that improve the production of substances, reduce water-uptake, control efflorescence & improve the workability of mortars & screeds.

Special chemicals allow design & control of air pores & enhance curing & durability of concrete. Furthermore our products help improve production & functionality of construction materials for roofing, insulation & ceilings.


Product Function Application
Accelerator for Epoxy Epoxy Flooring
Acrylic & Styrene Binders Dry Mortar
Air Entraining Agents Dry Mortar
Cellulosic Derivatives Dry Mortar
Cellulosic Thickeners Dry Mortar
Defoamers Dry Mortar
Emulsifiers Dry Mortar
Epoxy Diluents Epoxy Flooring
Hardeners for Epoxy Epoxy Flooring
Plasticizer Dry Mortar
Redispersable Powder Dry Mortar
Rheology Modifiers Dry Mortar
Starch Thickeners Dry Mortar
Surfactants Dry Mortar
Titanium Dioxide Dry Mortar

Household Care

Obegi's Home Care chemicals & formulators develop, produce & market a comprehensive range of products for detergents, cleaners & industrial applications.

Our portfolio includes; surfactants, polymers, chelating agents, micronutrients, biocides, optical effect products, waxes & wax emulsions, as well as metal surface treatment products & corrosion inhibitors. These are used to manufacture household cleaners, detergents & dishwashing liquids as well as preservatives & wood coatings.

Our range of products meet the highest hygiene requirements & at the same time are environmentally friendly.

Household Care

Product Function Application
Biocides All Applications (Dish Washing, All Purpose Cleaners etc)
Cellulosic Derivates Liquid Products e.g. Liquid Laundry Products, Manual Dish Washing
Chelating Agents I&I
Corrosion inhibitors Metal Cleaning, Toilet Cleaners
Dispersing Agents Powder Detergents
Emulsifiers Cleaners
Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylate / Propoxylate Industrial Cleaners, Automatic Dishwashing, Liquid Rinse Aid
Foam Boaster Manuel Dish Washing, Hard Surface Cleaner
Foam Suppressors Liquid Laundry Detergents, Hard Surface Cleaners
Optical Brightness Powder Detergents for Carpet Cleaner
Pigments & Dyes Liquid Household Products
Polyalkylene Glycols Liquid Laundry, I&I Cleaners
Polycarboxylate Laundry, Automatic Dishwashing, Hard Surface Cleaners
Reactive Solvents Hard Surface Cleaners, Glass & Window Cleaners, Degreasers, Laundry
Special Polymers Liquid Laundry Detergents, Acidic, Alkaline Cleaners
Surface Modifiers Hard Surface Cleaner (Glass & Window)
Surfactant Compositions Home Care, I&I Applications
Surfactants - Amphoteric Manuel Dish Washing
Surfactants - Anionic Manuel Dish Washing, All purpose cleaner
Surfactants - Cationic Fabric Softener
Surfactants - Low Foaming Bottle Cleaning
Surfactants - Nonionic (Alkyl Poluglucosides) Manuel, Automatic Dishwashing, Liquid Laundry Detergents, Foaming Agent for Cleaners
Surfactants - Nonionic (Fatty Alcohol Alkoxylates) Laundry Detergents, Dishwashing Agents, Cleaners
Surfactants - Performance Acid Cleaners
Thickeners Acid Cleaners, MDW
Titanium Dioxide Soap Bars
Waxes Various Polishes
Wetting Agents Hard Surface Cleaner

Human & Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition
Obegi provides premium quality animal nutrition raw materials to meet your requirements & ensure that your animals health & safety is properly addressed.

We have a comprehensive range of ingredients for wide variety of applications; vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids, vitamins premixes, mineral premixes & others.

Human Nutrition
Obegi provides premium quality products & innovative solutions to meet your Human Nutrition requirements & differentiate your brands in the market.

We provide a broad specialty product portfolio to the food, beverages & dietary supplement industries. Our portfolio includes health ingredients like: Vitamins, Omega 3, plant sterols, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), antioxidants, carotenoids & caffeine. Performance ingredients like: Emulsifiers, aerating cake emulsifiers, whipped topping concentrates, fat powder, baking enzymes, beverage clarifiers/ stabilizers, lipids & cellulosic gums.

Human Nutrition

Product Function Application
Antioxidants Dietary Supplements, Edible Oils
Beverage Clarifiers / Stabilizers Beverages
Caffeine Beverages
Carotenoids Edible Oils, Beverages
Cellulosic Thickeners Beverages, Processed Food
Enzymes Baked Food
Food Performance Ingredients Confectionary, Baked Food
Food Stabilizers Processed Food, Confectionary, Dairy
Guar Gum Beverages, Processed Food, Confectionary,
Health Ingredients & Lipids: Omega-3s, CLA, Sterols Dairy, Beverages, Edible Oil, Baby Food, Dietary Supplements
Vitamins Dairy, Beverages, Edible Oil, Confectionary, Staple Food, Baby Food, Dietary Supplements

Animal Nutrition

Product Function Application
Carotenoids Feed Additive
Enzymes Feed Additive
Mineral Premix Feed Additive
Omega-6 Fatty Acids Feed Additive
Oraganic Acids Preserving, Ansiling, Regular Treatment for Salmonella Control
Solvents Solvent
Vitamin Premix Feed Additive
Vitamins Veterinary , Feed Additive.


we provide a complete range of liquid ink for flexo & rotogravure printing, as well as the solvents needed for each application. We represent leading European suppliers that provide excellent quality & technical support.

Rotogravure printing: Nitrocellulose solvent based ink.
Flexo Printing: Nitrocellulose solvent based ink, polyamide solvent based ink & water based ink.

IPA and IBA sold to the polyamide printers.
Ethanol-Dowanol sold to the Nitrocellulose flexo printers.
Ethyl Acetate sold to the Nitrocellulose roto printers.

Leather & Textile

Obegi Chemicals provides a complete range of products for the leather industry. From the soaking stage through depilation, de-liming/ bating, degreasing/ pickling, tanning/ re-tanning to the finishing stage.

We provide products that wiII be used for shoes, garments, gloves & furniture.

Obegi provides printed dyed textiles for use in garments, hangings, carpets & furniture. We have two main activities for the textile industry:

For the printing process we mix water, binders, thickeners & pigments to get coloured printing paste to then add to the fabric.

For the dyeing process we pretreat the fabric prior to dyeing process & provide wetting agents, detergents, sequestering agents, leveling agents, carriers & dye stuffs.

Lastly we provide the finishing agents to improve the softness and readiness of the fabric.


Product Function Application
Aromatic Tanning Agents & Aliphatic Tanning Materials Re-Tanning
Biocides Biocides
Biological & Non Biological Fatty Substances Re-Tanning
Brightening Dyes Finishing
Complexing Action Beam House Work
Depilation Beam House Work
Enzymes Beam House Work
Finishing Auxiliaries Finishing
Mineral Tanning Beam House Work
Nitrocellulose Emulsion Finishing
Non Surfactants Beam House Work
Pigments Finishing
Soaking Auxiliary Beam House Work
Strong Organic Acid Beam House Work
Thermoplastic Binders Finishing


Product Function Application
Antifoam Antifoam
Binders Finishing
Carriers Dyeing
Combing Bleaching Agent Pre-Treatment
De-Aerating Agent Pre-Treatment
Dispersing Agent Dyeing
Dyes PES, Reactive
Leveling Agent Dyeing
Optical Brightness Dyeing
Oxidant Chemicals
Reducing Agents
Sequesting Agents Pre-Treatment
Special Finish Materials Finishing
Wetting Agents Pre-Treatment

Oil & Gas

Obegi provides oil field & oil field service companies with products of high quality on a consistent basis.

Our highly effective products are tailored to specific conditions for all segments of the Oil & Gas value chain & rapid response, when required, to address any problems encountered by the field operator.

Obegi works with the best suppliers to ensure the quality products meet health, safety & environmental standards.

Product Function Application
Anionic Dyes Drum Dyes
Biocides Drilling, Production
Cellulosic Viscosifier Cementing
Corrosion Control Stimulation, Drilling, Production
Defoaming Agents Stimulation, Drilling, Production, Cementing
Fluid Loss Additives Drilling, Cementing
Friction Reducers Stimulation
Gas Migration Additives Cementing
Hydrate Inhibitors Production
Lubricants Drilling
Pour Point Depressants Production
Retarder Cementing
Scale Inhibitors Stimulation, Drilling, Production
Viscosifiers Stimulation, Cementing, Drilling
Wetting Agents Drilling

Personal Care

We are a leading distributor of a high quality personal care product range, which includes surfactants, emulsifiers, polymers, emollients, cosmetic active ingredients, pigments, UV filters, thickeners, protein products, lipid layer enhancer & silicones.

We have a complete portfolio with a winning combination of products from global industry leaders.

We pride ourselves on our exquisite customer support and consumer insights. We have fully equipped Personal Care laboratories and a complete range of state-of-the art equipment. Our team of Lab Specialists have a deep passion for innovative solutions and are available to assist you in the development of personalized, economical & sustainable solutions.

Personal Care

Product Function Application
Active Ingredients (Anti aging, Vitamins,..) Skin Care, Hair Care
Anti-Oxidant Skin Care, Hair Care, Cleansing Products, Perfumes
Biocides Cleansing Products, Oral Care
Chelating Agents Cleansing Products
Emollients Skin Care, Hair Care
Emulsifiers Skin Care, Hair Care
Excited State Quenchers Perfumes, Cleansing Products
Fragrances Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care, Perfumes, Cleansing Products
Hair Dyes Hair Colour
Humectants/ Hydrotropes Skin Care, Hair Care
Lipid Layer Enhancer Cleansing Products
Neutralizers Skin Care, Hair Care
Oils Skin Care, Hair Care
Opacifiers Cleansing Products
Pearl Shine Concentrates Cleansing Products
Pearlizing & Consistency Waxes Cleansing Products
Performance Wax Dispersions Skin Care, Hair Care
Pigments / Effect Pigments Colour Cosmetics, Skin Care, Hair Care, Cleansing Products
Polymers - Conditioning Hair Care
Polymers - Setting Hair Care
Preservatives Skin Care, Hair Care, Sun Care, colour Cosmetics, Cleansing Products
Protein Products Hair Care, Cleansing Products
Rheology Modifiers / Thickeners Skin Care, Hair Care, Cleansing Products
Silicones Skin Care, Hair Care, Colour Cosmetics
Solubilizers Skin Care, Hair Care, Perfumes
Solvents Perfumes, Hair Care, Cleansing Products
Surfactants - Anionic Cleansing Products
Surfactants - Cationic Cleansing Products
Surfactants - Non-Ionic Cleansing Products
UV Filters Skin Care, Hair Care
UV Light Stabilizers Cleansing Products, Perfumes
Wax Skin Care, Hair Care


Obegi has an established track record for working with the best suppliers to deliver top quality pharmaceutical raw materials to formulate your requirements & develop solutions for the future.

We distribute a comprehensive range of generic active ingredients for wide variety of therapeutic applications and a wide range of excipients covering: binders, matrix polymers, coating systems, disintegrants, suspension stabilizers, thickeners, dissolution enhancers, solvents, emollients, emulsifiers, plasticizers & co-formulated excipients.

We have a sense of health responsibility & strive to work with the highest quality products to ensure that your health & safety is of paramount importance.


Product Function Application
Anaesthetics Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Analgesics Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Antimalarial Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Antiviral Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Appetite Suppressant Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Binders Tablets
Central Nervous System Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Coatings Tablets
Consistency Factors Ointments, Creams
Dermatica Tablets, Capsules, Ointments, Creams
Disinfectants Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Disintegrants Tablets
Emollients Ointments, Creams
Intermediates Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Respiratory System Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Solubilizers  & Emulsifiers Syrup, Ointments, Creams
Solvents Ointments, Creams
Stimulant Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Sympathicomimetica Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Urinary System Tablets, Capsules, Syrups
Vasoconstrictors Tablets, Capsules, Syrups


Obegi provides the best products & works with leading suppliers for:
Flexible foam: Conventional, high resilience & memory foam for mattresses & furniture applications
Semi Rigid foam: Shoe sole applications
Rigid foam: Insulation & panel board

Our product packages include, in addition to the two main products,TDI & polyether polyol, a wide range of polyurethane catalysts, silicone surfactants & colorants, in order to cover all types of foam applications & fulfill our customer's requirements.

We also provide continuous & block machines for the production of flexible foam & contour cutting machines for cutting the foam after production.


Product Function Application
Blowing Catalysts Flexible Foam Production
Co-Blowing & Cleaning Agents Flexible, Rigid Foam Production
Foam Colorants Flexible, Semi Rigid Foam Production
Gelation Catalysts Flexible Foam Production
MDI (Diphenylmethanediisocyanate) Flexible, Rigid Foam Production
Polyether Polyol Flexible Foam Production
Polyurethane Catalyst Flexible Foam Production
Rigid System Insulation
Semi Rigid Shoes, Integral Skin
Silicone Surfactants Rigid, Flexible Foam Production
Stabilizer Silicone Flexible Foam Production
TDI (Toluene Di Isocyanate) Flexible Foam Production