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For more than 100 years, Obegi Chemicals has been a leader in chemical distribution across the Middle East, North & East Africa. In today’s highly competitive market, the company’s experience & knowledge has allowed us to become a front-runner in serving both customers & suppliers. We aim to develop the chemical business into the 21st century by providing a competent, professional & committed team that has the highest standards in the region & our industry.


• Doing Business With Ethics.
• Putting relationships before short-term profit.
• Caring about every member in our company.
• Bringing the human part in us when dealing with others.


• To be the leader in chemical distribution across the MEENA region.


• To provide unparalleled service to the local industry.
• To be the partner of choice to our suppliers and customers.
• To join with the best suppliers who provide quality products & services.
• To be environmentally friendly.