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Obegi Chemicals provides a complete range of products for the leather industry. From the soaking stage through depilation, de-liming/ bating, degreasing/ pickling, tanning/ re-tanning to the finishing stage.
We provide products that wiII be used for shoes, garments, gloves & furniture.


Obegi Chemicals provides printed dyed textiles for use in garments, hangings, carpets & furniture. We have two main activities for the textile industry:
– For the printing process we mix water, binders, thickeners & pigments to get coloured printing paste to then add to the fabric.
– For the dyeing process we pretreat the fabric prior to dyeing process & provide wetting agents, detergents, sequestering agents, leveling agents, carriers & dye stuffs.
Lastly we provide the finishing agents to improve the softness and readiness of the fabric.

Leather products:

Product Function Application
Aromatic Tanning Agents & Aliphatic Tanning Materials Re-Tanning
Biocides Biocides
Biological & Non Biological Fatty Substances Re-Tanning
Brightening Dyes Finishing
Complexing Action Beam House Work
Depilation Beam House Work
Enzymes Beam House Work
Finishing Auxiliaries Finishing
Mineral Tanning Beam House Work
Nitrocellulose Emulsion Finishing
Non Surfactants Beam House Work
Pigments Finishing
Soaking Auxiliary Beam House Work
Strong Organic Acid Beam House Work
Thermoplastic Binders Finishing

Textile products:

Product Function Application
Antifoam Antifoam
Binders Finishing
Carriers Dyeing
Combing Bleaching Agent Pre-Treatment
De-Aerating Agent Pre-Treatment
Dispersing Agent Dyeing
Dyes PES, Reactive
Leveling Agent Dyeing
Optical Brightness Dyeing
Oxidant Chemicals
Reducing Agents  
Sequesting Agents Pre-Treatment
Special Finish Materials Finishing
Wetting Agents Pre-Treatment