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Human Nutrition

Obegi Chemicals provides premium quality products & innovative solutions to meet your Human Nutrition requirements & differentiate your brands in the market.

We provide a broad specialty product portfolio to the food, beverages & dietary supplement industries. Our portfolio includes health ingredients like: Vitamins, Omega 3, plant sterols, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), antioxidants, carotenoids & caffeine. Performance ingredients like: Emulsifiers, aerating cake emulsifiers, whipped topping concentrates, fat powder, baking enzymes, beverage clarifiers/ stabilizers, lipids & cellulosic gums.

Animal Nutrition

Obegi Chemicals provides premium quality animal nutrition raw materials to meet your requirements & ensure that your animals health & safety is properly addressed.

We have a comprehensive range of ingredients for wide variety of applications; vitamins, carotenoids, enzymes, organic acids, vitamins premixes, mineral premixes & others.


Human Nutrition products:

Product Function Application
Antioxidants Dietary Supplements, Edible Oils
Beverage Clarifiers / Stabilizers Beverages
Caffeine Beverages
Carotenoids Edible Oils, Beverages
Cellulosic Thickeners Beverages, Processed Food
Enzymes Baked Food
Food Performance Ingredients Confectionary, Baked Food
Food Stabilizers Processed Food, Confectionary, Dairy
Guar Gum Beverages, Processed Food, Confectionary,
Health Ingredients & Lipids: Omega-3s, CLA, Sterols Dairy, Beverages, Edible Oil, Baby Food, Dietary Supplements
Vitamins Dairy, Beverages, Edible Oil, Confectionary, Staple Food, Baby Food, Dietary Supplements

Animal Nutrition products:

Product Function Application
Amino Acids Feed Additive
Carotenoids Feed Additive
Enzymes Feed Additive
Mineral Premix Feed Additive
Omega-6 Fatty Acids Feed Additive
Oraganic Acids Preserving, Ansiling, Regular Treatment for Salmonella Control
Solvents Solvent
Vitamin Premix Feed Additive
Vitamins Veterinary , Feed Additive.