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ALXCT – Alexandria Chemicals Tank Farm

Alexandria Chemicals Bulk Terminal started operation in 2010 & is the only chemical dedicated tank farm on the Mediterranean Sea, in Egypt. Strategically located, the terminal caters to the import & export of bulk chemicals to the Egyptian & North African industries.

The terminal has 26 above-ground atmospheric tanks with a capacity of 54,850 m3. It can accommodate products with both low & high flashpoints, under the highest safety & environmental standards (NFPA3, API 650, ISO 9001 2015 & ISO 45000)

Tanks are equipped with measuring, detecting & controlling devices, as well as the most advanced alarm & fire fighting systems. Strict measures for environmental protection are undertaken, including but not limited to, insulated concreted dikes surrounding storage tanks to contain any accidental spillage from going into the sewage system, underground water, or into the sea.

A drumming facility is operating, as well as truck-loading gantries.

This modern facility enables Obegi Chemicals to complement their services in the sourcing & distribution of chemicals.