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Obegi Chemicals provides oil field & oil field service companies with products of high quality on a consistent basis.

Our highly effective products are tailored to specific conditions for all segments of the Oil & Gas value chain & rapid response, when required, to address any problems encountered by the field operator.

Obegi works with the best suppliers to ensure the quality products meet health, safety & environmental standards.

Oil & Gas Products:

Product Function Application
Anionic Dyes Drum Dyes
Biocides Drilling, Production
Cellulosic Viscosifier Cementing
Corrosion Control Stimulation, Drilling, Production
Defoaming Agents Stimulation, Drilling, Production, Cementing
Fluid Loss Additives Drilling, Cementing
Friction Reducers Stimulation
Gas Migration Additives Cementing
Hydrate Inhibitors Production
Lubricants Drilling
Pour Point Depressants Production
Retarder Cementing
Scale Inhibitors Stimulation, Drilling, Production
Viscosifiers Stimulation, Cementing, Drilling
Wetting Agents Drilling